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The best quality of raw materials, at the service of the great brands

Our customers can be confident that Hashtag Florence leather is the finest in the world, whether they are using it for shoes, bags and clothing. We take pride in our reputation for quality and performance.
We have a wide range of leather types and colours to suit a variety of products and are happy to help you find the best option for your needs.

Hashtag Florence Tannery specialises
in clothing, leather goods and footwear

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The Perfect Balance Between Advanced Technologies And Respect For His Heritage Of Traditions And Skills.

Hashtag Florence Is For Those WhoReally Want Something Unique

Bio Tannary

Ecotan Tanning Bio-Circular

Vegetable metal free tanned

With Ecotan we can create Metal Free leathers without having to modify our production processes. Lucio Verbeni CEO of Hashtag Florence explains, “This technology allows us to give new life to leather waste, transforming it into organic fertilizers for agriculture, through a truly bio circular process”.

Metal free tanning

Once recycled into an organic fertilizer, Ecotan leather becomes part of an infinite loop seamlessly merged with nature’s cycle.

What our products have become