Hashtag Florence

The best quality of raw materials, at the service of great brands. Suede calfskin splits for footwear, leather goods, and clothing, both chrome, and Metal Free. Our customers can trust that Hashtag Florence leather is of the finest quality for use in the most prestigious brands of footwear, leather goods, and clothing, both chrome and Metal Free.

We are proud of our reputation for quality and performance, and we are committed to incorporating new technologies and environmentally friendly tanning processes as we move forward into the future.

Our services

The process of creating our collections is the result of a great deal of creativity, passion, and stylistic research. Our ambition to offer a product of absolute quality, always different and aligned with the trends of the moment, has allowed us to collaborate with the most renowned brands in the fashion world.

Our Vision

A company full of ideas. Under the banner of eco-sustainability and everything that can link the characteristics of the “old mold” to that of the “new”. He takes care of every little detail of the product he is promoting, making it unique and satisfying the needs of each customer.
Press Release Winterace 2020